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We had never considered the true value of having a local cleaner in Essex until we needed one ourselves.

A good relax get a cleaner in BillericayCleaner saved us time, money and stress. However finding good reliable domestic help proved very difficult and time consuming.

Some tried to force us to sign a binding contract even if they don't live up to the task. We felt that this was wrong, there had to be a better way.



Looking for a local Chelmsford cleaning service should be simple and easy!

We just wanted a reliable local cleaner to help us with the housework every week. There are lots of independent Essex cleaners around and some seem very cheap, but what we found was disappointing.

After looking at a number of different domestic cleaning businesses in Essex we found that some are Franchises or Agencies that don't actually employ the staff but rather farm out housework jobs to individuals on their books.

Also some independent local home cleaners have no insurance and are unable to cover holidays or sickness as they work on their own and the reliability, quality and standards of cleaning vary greatly.

With the bigger cleaning businesses we felt that we were being asked to pay for advertising and not getting necessarily a better service, that profit was their only motivation. What's more cleaning staff are often poorly trained and morale was low.

Many such cleaning companies force you to sign binding contracts that commits you to paying them even it they do a bad job as not all cleaners can clean and along with lot's of hidden fees finding the right cleaner was a challenge.

All we wanted was the same person, who would turn up every week taking pride in their work and delivering good service over and over again.

At D.K.M. there are No Hidden Fees, No Contract agreement, so if our reliability, quality and standards is not good enough you can just let us go. No Fuss, No hassle. just good local Essex cleaning the way it should be.

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  • No Contracts to tie you down
  • No Hidden costs with us you'er paying for a service and not just a name.
  • Reliable, Trustworthy, Flexible, Friendly and above all looking after you.
  • Professional service, close to home. so that you can put a name to a face.
  • Valuing our staff as much as we value our customers.
  • An established Independent local cleaning business you can trust.


Good Business is about Trust,

Developing Trust is the one thing that is missing in today business world. its not easy but it is priceless and requires constant hard work and a commitment to Relationships, Service, Quality and Most importantly Living up to our word.

For some local cleaning companies the service or even the standards of work the cleaners do, is not always paramount.

At D.K.M. we know that domestic cleaning is about people first, cleaning is just what we do, to make your life better, simpler and cleaner.

By using the right staff properly supported, trained and vetted you can be confident that all your housework will be done to a high standard and is the every day ideal our customers have come to expect.

As a people orientated business we encourage you to Meet the team of dedicated and motived staff who make D.K.M. such a powerful force and enable you to have the lifestyle you deserve.

By improving our local cleaning services in Essex and concentrating on on what is of real value allows all our customers and home owners to benefit directly by providing the good reliable domestic help which D.K.M. has proven repeatedly for nearly 6 years.


Jane in Chelmsford commented

"Thank you DKM for doing such a fantastic job cleaning my new home. We could just move straight in & the hoover & polish were the last things we unpacked! I will be recommending you to my friends and colleagues."                                     


Chris in Chelmsford said

"I'm so happy with the spring clean you have done for me I don’t think I will ever use anybody else for any of my cleaning needs ever again"


Sarah in Brentwood Said

"I was a little doubtful at first, but you have lived up to all your promises and more! I now know that I made the right choice with D.K.M. for my cleaning which has saved me more time than I could have believed."


Martin and Susan Remarked

"We are very happy with all you do for us and will tell all our friends and family just what a fantastic job you do each week, good value too. PS, we hope they use you as well"

                      Martin & Susan


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