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Getting a Cleaner for my Home...

Or why I started my own Cleaning Business in Essex.

A few years ago I was so busy it’s a wonder that I got anything done at all, I just needed more free time. Getting a cleaner in Chelmsford seemed like the perfect solution.

Getting a cleaner for my home from a cleaning business in Essex I could trust seamed like the perfect solution and likDebra DKM cleaners owner and managere everyone else I hate housework.

Finding time is always a challenge it often feels that our daily lives just don’t stand still what with all the demands and commitments that modern life throws at us.

There I was running a home with kids, work and everything else and there was just not enough time to do the things I want, let alone the thing I would like.

I soon realised that having a cleaner would save me time and give me a better lifestyle which was well worth the cost and just freeing up a few hours of my time every week was priceless and would allow me to concentrate on the things that truly mattered.

However I soon realised that getting a cleaner for my home I could trust was not going to be as simple as I had first thought, I contacted and interviewed over a dozen Chelmsford cleaners for my home but just could not find the right one...

Most were Franchises or Agencies who seamed to have little interest anything but the money, some did not even answer the phone and others where not even polite and why did I need a Contract to clean my home?

I wanted to feel valued

Any one can Clean but running a Essex cleaning business should be about service, I wanted to feel valued as a customer and not have to worry if the cleaners turned up, did a good job or left my home the way I wanted it.

The problem was that the sort of cleaning business in Essex I wanted cleaning my home just did not seam to exist.

The solution was however not the one I was perhaps expecting. I was however lucky that a friend came to my help and was able to clean for an hour or two a week which took some of the pressure away and gave me some time, then one evening I was just lounging around and scribbled a rough business plan on the back of an envelope.

I showed it to my Partner and It was then that I realised that all I had to do to getrelax my home cleaned the way i wanted was to create my own cleaning business in Chelmsford.

I wanted to create a business that exceeded expectations, a business that truly cared and valued staff and customers alike, as a result DKM Domestic services became a reality in late 2009.

Setting up and running any small business is not easy, as it requires knowledge, new skills and a lot of understanding, I have made mistakes, got things wrong and learned a lot, but I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with a fantastic team as well as the unwavering support of friends and family.

I am so glad that getting a cleaner for my home from an Essex cleaning business I can trust has taken me on this journey. Having a cleaner saves me time, given me a better lifestyle and I have helped all sorts of other people just like me do the same.

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